“When we look at our photographs and find not the slightest reflection of ourselves, it is a good sign that our images have lost their souls.” – David DuChemin

Why do I create at all..

I often read other posts, and watch videos discussing the creative mind, and even though I rarely consider myself creative, I do create therefore a creator of sorts I must be. So the question is why do I make the things I make and take the chances I take? I am asking you as much as I am telling you. Maybe if I consider the things I took images of in the beginning it would make sure sense. So lets go back

In the beginning of my then hobby, I was working on a delivery truck and traveling all over and while doing so would notice amazing things along the drive/ride. Then cell phones where nowhere near what we carry in our pockets on a daily basis so I thought it would be interesting if I brought a camera along with me to capture this and that through out my days.  From solo trees on hillsides to water wheels, abandoned silos, and my favorite - an abandoned basketball goal in a field. The only common denominator they share is where they were. Every image I took was outside. Every single ONE.  This is still very prominent in the work I create and the work I long to create.  I love to evoke a feeling of wonder and what could be more wondrous than the world we live in? Every detail a creation in itself, and inspiring me to create the work that I am truly moved by. I have some ways to go to create the brand that allows me to pursue only sessions that I can be excited about. I still have so so many locations local me to capture and I’m ready to go. Who is going with? 

If you follow me at all you may have noticed this theme in my work. Not all of my work of course. Weddings are often indoors and in church’s but I am putting this out in the world. I only want to shoot outdoor weddings, preferably in locations that can inspire me and the adventurous elopement would be my overall #1 thing to capture, but I need to find my way in that market. Help a fella out lol

My inspiration today actually comes from a very good friend of mine. A lady who’s work I admire but not as much as I do her character. We share a lot of the same passions but I think our love for the outdoors is one of our strongest bonds. She posted images yesterday from my favorite place and creativity took over from there. Go give her a follow and tell her I sent you. She’s on all the social media’s but IG is easiest @_katysergent . Even as of writing this or finishing it up if I’m honest, my family and I are in Bryson City, NC. Today for my belated 40th birthday present, we rafted the Nantahala River. Chaco’s strapped, sunglasses glued to my face, and my favorite North Face hat and off we went. I am even setting here after our day of adventure, starring at a beautiful mountain top range just outside the window and I know this is the fuel for my work. This is where it starts and where it shall remain. Among the trees, fields, and streams we are very lucky to call home.


”In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks” - John Muir