“When we look at our photographs and find not the slightest reflection of ourselves, it is a good sign that our images have lost their souls.” – David DuChemin

Traveling Film Camera

Shot on Ektar 100

Shot on Ektar 100

I have been so busy in 2019 that I have barely taken time to write anything about anything but that needs to stop. Not only do I enjoy writing, but I also find it therapeutic to a degree. While I have been working a lot, I have found a new podcast that I love called AnalogTalk. The entire series is about shooting film and all things film related. If you keep up with me either here, or any other social media you know my adoration for shooting film so this is right up my alley. I have shot more film in the last three weeks than I have all year and that makes me happy. Shooting film is a completely different process but it also pulls from a very different place in my creative space. That is a post and Youtube video all in itself. Speaking of, who follows me on youtube? Show of hands, or comments below, please.

Ok to the meat and potatoes of this post. I have not worked out every detail of how this will work but I am starting with friends of mine that I think will enjoy the project but also make it better as a whole. Enter the traveling film camera. This, unfortunately, is not an original idea to me but one I am running with none the less. I am going to choose one of my point and shoot 35mm cameras, load it with film and mail it off. I will create a private Facebook page for those involved so we can have a place to discuss the details further. If this is something you would enjoy helping me create and would enjoy being included please email me at - info@jeremygouge.com. Once the project starts the Facebook page will be where we discuss using the camera if needed, as well as who to mail it to next. That's the exciting part. I want to start by mailing it to a good friend of mine in Cookeville, TN and then he gets to choose who to mail it to next. He will add that person to the FB group as well. I am very excited to see what we produce collectively. Once the camera gets back into my possession, I will have the film developed and prints made. I also will either make a zine or book from the images. Anyone will be allowed to purchase a copy but those who helped me create it will have first dibs on a copy. I am also in the brainstorming process of creating a Patreon page for this project or other projects going forward. Depending on how well this goes, will determine the next issue. More details found on the private FB page but you have to email me for that information. :)

I am extremely pumped to get this project on its feet, as a personal project may be exactly what I need at the moment. So let's make it happen friends.

Craggy Pinnacle 35mm