“When we look at our photographs and find not the slightest reflection of ourselves, it is a good sign that our images have lost their souls.” – David DuChemin

Your camera DOES matter!

What if I told you that the equipment you choose to wield actually has a direct impact on your final result? What if I told you there are tools that fit the user better than the one fits all concept? All the haters go ahead and jump to the comments and leave your opinion there. 

If you just happen to still be reading here is why I feel this way. Ok lets keep it simple.  You want to shoot some images of insects, so to do this you either need a macro lens or extension tube right? Or if you want to take photos of the moon you will need a zoom lens. What if I told you the same is true about cameras? Do I believe we can pick up any camera and make something memorable, absolutely yes, but having the camera that works the best FOR YOU will make your hit rate much higher on average.  You wont just grab any pair of shoes off of the shelf and hope they are comfortable and fit? So why do the same thing with a camera? Something that you could very well be holding and handling for hours. Wouldn’t it make more sense if that object felt great in your hand?  I am also a firm believer in making a camera work for you but if you can have a camera that you can operate seamlessly, will this not result in more confidence in the user, and thus that confidence projected to your client?  Don’t get me wrong there is no 1 camera for all. Wedding professionals, and sports shooters have different needs thus different tools are required. 

Ok now to play my own “devils advocate”, because I have said this many times in the past, the camera is simply a tool. And in the simplest form ,means I should be able to take any camera and make it work to my vision in theory but nothing is that simple. A painter doesn’t just grab a roller and paint a Mona Lisa. I know this is a very extreme example but I am willing to bet you knew exactly what I meant the second you read that sentence.  Having said that if you have read any of the past inserts or follow me on social media you understand my fascination with all things Film. I love how simple it is, and how genuine every frame developed becomes. We can shoot and pray in the digital realm but not while shooting film if we want the best results. Shooting film is methodical, or romantic in a sense to me but would I pick up one of my film cameras to shoot sports, absolutely not.   

I am  not writing this to convince you to sell everything you own and start over, not by any means. I have came to a crossroads in my approach to my work and the equipment I use. I adore holding and shooting all things FujiFilm and have for a few years now. Even writing this I am sleepless contemplating my choices. I have considered staying with Fuji and adding a newer camera body but I am at a point where my final images aren’t meeting my vision while shooting Fuji and that hurts to say out loud.  So the past 2 weeks I have tried several cameras to see what feels right in my hand, but more importantly what produces a final image like the one playing in my mind. I have shot a Canon 5diii and coming from a Canon background I thought this might be the correct choice especially since we are adding video to our services. I shot it for a few days but came away unimpressed. Don’t get me wrong, it is an amazing camera with amazing image quality but it wasn’t “RIGHT” for me. I also shot a Nikon d810 and I had never even pressed a shutter on a Nikon camera before but  I wanted to rule out all options to make sure it wasn’t just me, and not my camera being the issue. To my utter surprise, the RAW images from this camera were stunning. Not in comparison to anything else but in line with my vision for my work. Loving my Ricoh GRii files so much I even considered the new Pentax FF line but I think the only Pentax for me is my 645n and 120 film :)

The only other viable option to me and my rationale ( which can be questioned regularly lol ) was another Sony mirrorless body. I have owned the a7ii prior and did enjoy it very much but was lucky to stumble across a YouTube video comparing the new Nikon Z6 and Sony A7iii and they were gracious enough to include raw files. I was quick to download them both and edit the way I love to edit and to see how it pans out. To my surprise the Nikon files were my favorite once again. The Sony was not far behind but I found the dynamic range much more suited to my shooting style from the Nikon camera for a second time. This and the fact that I love shooting off camera flash  once again has me leaning toward a Nikon setup. So at the end of the day especially if you are new to photography and wanting to learn more, find a camera that feels right in your hand, offers the features you need ( Not always want )and you can bend to meet your artistic vision. I would love to know your opinion but more importantly I would love to hear what works best for you!

Lastly here is a link to his video mentioned above to not get lost in my thought process. VIDEO

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