“When we look at our photographs and find not the slightest reflection of ourselves, it is a good sign that our images have lost their souls.” – David DuChemin


Mrs + Mrs

Mrs + Mrs

I love tacos! I mean seriously who doesn't love tacos? This post isn't about tacos but maybe I need to make a post just for them? Probably. No this is a special entry. This is a post for two special ladies who contacted me months ago thanks to my very good friend Jeremy Smith ( IG @whitehatstudios ) who was booked and sent them my way. This post is for Melissa and Kerstin, owners and operators of Me&Ks food truck in Johnson City, TN. If you like tacos, what are you waiting for.. follow them on IG and know where they are so you can tell them I sent you and order my favorite, Baja Chicken Tacos. Ok enough about food for now.

I was scrolling through my IG feed when a notification chimed, alerting me to a new DM. I check and it was from Me&Ks asking about my availability for their wedding day. I went into my normal response of questions about the day, to quickly realize they were considering getting married during the 2019 Pride Parade and wanted to know if I was able to capture something like that. Even though I had never shot a moving ceremony, I was immediately curious about the logistics of making it work. We exchanged a few messages and it was set! I was excited. At this point, I had not had the pleasure of eating at their food truck so the next week, I made it a priority to go by, introduce myself and exchange the love for small business. I knew immediately that I was going to have a great time as I had just met Melissa as she was working feverishly away making this amazing food. It wasn't long before she called over Kerstin to make the introductions complete. We talked off and off the months before the big day and as most weddings, plans changed. The wedding would now be held at Painted Acre Farms which was another bonus as I had yet to shoot here. The owners of this venue are amazing people and I truly hope to work with them many more times in the future. Go follow them and show some love too. Since the ceremony ( it was gorgeous btw ) would be the day before, the Pride Parade would just be the newlywed ladies sitting on the back of a Mercedes with the top down and having a blast. This is a wedding/event I will never forget being a part of. I had a hard time deciding what images to share but here are a few of my favorites from the 2 day event. As always be sure to click on the vendor name for a direct link to their social media.

This speaks for itself I believe…

This speaks for itself I believe…

Vendor Thanks

Venue: Painted Acre Farms

Cake: Petite Sweets

Melissas Tux: JOS A Banks

Kerstins Dress: Davids Bridal

Florals: Blue Door Barn Flowers

Music: Tom Peterson Band

Officiant: Ben Casteel

Bartender: Nathan from Chili’s

Food: FoodieFiction, Mae Mae, Me&Ks