Im Back!

Well its been a long time since writing here and that's for a few reasons. I had taken a new chance and changing my business platform and Ill just say that, things did not work out. I'm not wasting any more time on said project but more importantly, I'm not wasting time on the "what if's ". I have hit the Reset button and bigger and better things are going to happen, because I'm not capable of settling for anything else. I am making life changes and putting my Faith and Family first and then and only then can I succeed in the matters that mean the most. 

If I were world known and rich beyond measure, but didn't have my family and my Faith, it would all be for not. I'm making steps to trust the Lords plan for my life and my business and I am extremely blessed and excited by this decision. 

I am booking for 2018 now and would love to meet new people and create something truly meaningful and put my work in new venues. This year I print more, I shoot more, but I will also laugh more, pray more and be more present in this life. I have started bullet journaling to help keep me on the path and help get the negativity out of my life.  I will be attending more seminars, classes and looking for a business mentor. Someone I respect and can trust. I'm also, for maybe the first time truly, working on myself. I'm currently listening to a wonderful book, suggested by my lovely wife, called " The Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod. So far its incredible and I highly recommend it. I'm also go to try and help the industry more. Maybe teach classes or start a photo walk for children. Lots to work on and its time to get to it.. if you find yourself reading this  I hope you can remember, times get tough, things are not always the way we want them to be, but we are meant for so much more. Dust yourself off, chin up, and smile.. smile in defeat but count the lessons in it, smile at a stranger it may change their day, and smile because we have great things to accomplish in this wonderful thing called LIFE!

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ATL with Fuji

Downtown Atlanta

Well, its been over a month since I have taken time to sit down and write here and for that I apologize but I have been extremely busy and loving it! In all the booked solid weekends, and editing we made time to sneak off last weekend to Atlanta GA for a much needed fun weekend. I love big cities and roaming around and although we did that very little, I tried to put the Fuji Xpro2 to work every chance I could. I have talked up this system every chance I have found and will continue to do so. Its exactly the tool I need to do what I love most.

If you have seen any of my work in the last year you have probably noticed my love for lines, patterns, shapes and such. Being in a city with tall buildings around every corner was basically the equivalent of taking my children to Chucky Cheese.  Yes I was excited. So you wont see many portraits in the post or pretty things. You will see , to some extent, how I see the world around me. Maybe someone will find inspiration here or a good laugh at my poor writing skills and nonsense.


Parking Garage
Street Photography, Fuji Street Photography
My favorite image that doesn't include someone I know of the entire trip!

My favorite image that doesn't include someone I know of the entire trip!

Let me pause and explain why we were in ATL to start with. My wife introduced me to an amazing show called, Cirque Du Soleil and we have seen a few performances together, but she has seen more than she can recall. We knew the boys had fall breaks coming up and just so happened they were performing a show we had not seen titled, "Luzia", and we couldn't think of a better way to spend the weekend so off we went! The show was remarkable as always but unfortunately , my pride and joy Fuji had to stay in his Ona Bag ( thanks Nic ). So I cant share any images from the show but you have to see it to believe it anyway. We spent Friday hanging out and exploring Atlantic Station before seeing the show. We decided while we were in town to visit the largest aquarium in the world. Georgia Aquarium and it was insane! Tidbit about this guy- I LOVE SHARKS and they have 4, yes 4 Whale Sharks here.. I was in heaven. I'm just going to drop a few of my favorites here:

I snapped this of this super kid guy, because of the wonder in his eyes and the camera in his hand. I couldn't pass it up.

I snapped this of this super kid guy, because of the wonder in his eyes and the camera in his hand. I couldn't pass it up.

This photo of Atlas may be my current all time favorite and mostly because I see myself in him in it. He is definitely his mothers child but for a split second, I can imagine that this is me, younger and in awe of the magnitude and splendor of this view.

This photo of Atlas may be my current all time favorite and mostly because I see myself in him in it. He is definitely his mothers child but for a split second, I can imagine that this is me, younger and in awe of the magnitude and splendor of this view.

Ok, if you like these few images I've posted and want to see the rest, please head over and check them out HERE

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Keep ya head ringing!

Some of my favorite accessories.

Some of my favorite accessories.

So I'm starting to think I should change my address to Best Buy's I have spent so much time there of late. I am a gear junkie and I have acquired 3 laptops and 2 sets of new headphones.  I am not saying I'm picky, I prefer the term, particular lol. This post is all about headphones though and one brand in particular, AfterShokz.

I should start by saying I have a very hard time finding headphones that fit me correctly that stay in place. I have some over the ear from Sony that I love when I can be tethered to my music via laptop or my phone. For those times when I want to go for a run or hit the gym I want something without a cord. I want something sweat resistant and comfortable. All things I have finally found via the AfterShok Trekz Titanium.  As of writing this there is a new version out that I hope to get my hands on to review as well.

So what makes these so different? Well to start off, they don't go in your ears at all! What? Headphones that are not glued inside your ear canal? These offer a different technology that has intrigued me for some time. So after picking up a set of Jaybird wireless headphones that wouldn't stay put, I pulled the trigger. They deliver your music, podcast, or audio book to you via Bone Conducting Technology. They set over your ears and against your head in between your temple and ear. Since they are not jammed inside of your head, I have found I can wear them for hours at a time! I think my favorite feature is how you can FEEL your audio. It takes a little getting used to but I am digging it! I have found the battery life to be great and I'm getting very close to the 6 hours the company promises. They do have a button on the left that is easy to reach and serves many purposes so your not always grabbing your device to pause or skip tracks. The volume/ power on and off buttons are on the right side and very easy to get to and use as well.




I have also really grown to love the fact that you can listen to your audio, whatever that may be, and still hear your surroundings. For example, 2 days ago while sitting in a coffee shop editing a session for a client, I could listen to my podcast by Wolf and Iron and still hear the conversations around me. I could also here when my order was called out, all without disturbing anyone around me. These fit super tight and at times a little too tight for me but I also have a head like a melon but the benefit of that is, they will not bounce off. If I'm running, I can hear traffic around me or know if a rabid dog wants to make me his lunch. Don't let me fool you, I'm not an avid runner by any means but trust the design of these headphones to alert me those scenarios. Speaking of, maybe you love your audio but are really location observant and extremely cautious as the world is a horrible place some days, these let you be alert of sirens and alarms because they are not blocking out the world around you.  If you prefer noise canceling headphones, they do include a set of ear plugs with the device. I found them to be too generic and easily lost, but a cool experiment is to crank them up and just plug your ears with your fingers. They get loud fast! I haven't used them much for talking on the phone ( I despise talking on the phone ) but the first time and only time, they didn't perform as well as I would have liked. I was told I sounded like I was in a tunnel. I will experiment further before making a harsh call on that feature.

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Magic 8 Ball

The magic 8 ball says "Heck yea you need to try these" LOL

Thank you for checking out my review, I hope you found it helpful to some degree. I was not asked or indorsed by anyone and these are my honest opinions on this product.  Please let me know what you think below in the comments. All images taken by me using my faithful Fuji Film Xpro2 and XF90mm lens!

Devils Bathtub

The journey begins here!

The journey begins here!

I have talked about how much I love to travel, and venture into nature. Atlas and I ventured the this marvel by ourselves 2 years ago and ever since I have wanted to take the entire family back to see it for themselves. Pictures and stories don't come close to depicting the wonder that this place holds and the beauty it embraces. The water is so clear in some photos its hard to even realize your looking at water and not glass. It flows down the valley, carved away with splendor.



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The Bathtub is absolutely breathtaking and thought provoking but the walk to and from is just as amazing in itself. From the multiple crossing through the tail waters that flow from the tub, to the amazing sights of nature all around. The roots of the trees seem to reach out to welcome you and the salamanders are rich if you take the time to look. Below are a few images of just those things.

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Nature was alive all around us!

#fuji #xf35 #fujifilm

We took our pup Cinder with us and although it was tricky at times he did a fantastic job. We passed a multitude of people coming and going but once we made it to the end of the walk in, there were only a few people there to impede the view and for that I was beyond grateful. We watched as a few people waded and tested the temperature to see if they had what it takes to make the plunge and before we left, 2 of our 3 boys did just that! I found footing above the pool and gave them the countdown and in they went. It was epic. Cold, it was very cold they both kept saying but with giant smiles on their faces. It will be something I remember always and through my images, hopefully they will as well!. I leave you with the option to follow the link below to see our trip in full but I didn't shoot near as much as I probably should have but sometimes I cant help but to lay the Fuji Xpro2 down and see all I can see and just be still



Later Bernie Mac, hello James Bond!

I have been an avid MacBook Pro user for over a decade now, and other than a few hick-ups I have loved them being my solitary system.  I have replaced hard drives and kept on working, but recently even after the hard drive update, I was missing something. I would pair it up with a 20in Samsung external monitor and just blast away in Lightroom and Photoshop. After it started slowing down, I started shopping around. I should admit that I become very manic when its time to purchase new equipment. Whether that be camera equipment, laptops, hard drives,  or cars even. I loose sleep mulling over the options until I finally pull the trigger. Last weekend I had a rare few hours alone, so I decided to take what I've read and went to Best Buy to ask some questions. After even more debating, maybe some swearing, and with the help of an awesome guy names Roy, I walked out with a new laptop! Exciting right?

I was convinced to pick up a new 2 in 1 Asus q325, and I knew I was going to really like it the second it turned on and almost instantly booted to the home screen. Lightning fast start up. So I started downloading the programs I need and set upmy email accounts. So basically a few hours of making it mine! I spent a late night checking it out and putting it through my work flow and then called it a night. I got up the next morning and after a great service at Church, came home to dive back in and , DEAD! The touch screen function had completely stopped working. COME ON!!!  So I was forced to return it and then I decided to try a different one as I had some bad luck with the first one. Long story short, I had the 2nd one for about 4 days and decided that it couldn't hang either.

At this point I am really wondering if switching to a PC was the correct choice but I am also very much enjoying the 2 in 1 system and editing directly on my images. This was one of my biggest concerns of switching, not liking working this way. News Flash: its lots of fun!

So I am happy to say, as of writing this, I am now the happy owner of a HP X360 2 in 1 system running 16g of Ram and a 512gb SSD and its great. I actually like the user experience of the HP pen over the Bamboo pen that I was using with the other 2 systems. The battery life is amazing , and its also my favorite system to write on. The track pad is ok but if your looking to try one, I can honestly say this thing is great, as long as it stays that way! I haven't edited a full session on it yet but so far its been great, but I did edit a session I shot last week on a 2 in 1 system and being this portable and productive is exactly what I needed! Ill drop a few of those shots below! Feel free to comment and let me know if you have any questions about my switch and let me know what you think about the images below!

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One of the many portraits I've taken of late but also one of my favorites. The color, the everything!

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So if you have hung around to now, I should explain the title of this blog. I name most of my possessions so my Mac became Bernie Mac, and although I haven't named the HP technically, its called Spectre which makes me thing of James Bond lol.  It is also a beautiful machine in silver and chrome accents, which seems classy as well.. thanks as always for reading and Ill be writing again soon with more about the session I am previewing above.


A walk in the woods

I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see. John Burroughs

It's not often than you meet someone that shares many of the things you care about and someone that is genuinely a great person all in one. I would like to introduce you, in case you don't know her or of her work, to my friend and fellow photographer- Katy Sergent of Katy Sergent Photography & Design.

Camera , coffee and Chaco's #winning

Camera , coffee and Chaco's #winning

I met Katy through our local chapter of The Rising Tide Society, called Tuesday's Together. She is one of the leaders of the group and it didn't take long to realize she and I were going to be friends. Ok, that may have been one sided at first but who can say for sure lol. She recently reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in taking some portraits of her and even though the thought of working and shooting for a fellow photographer is daunting, I was quick to say Yes! We agreed to meet for coffee and to chat because whats a meeting without coffee? Boring is the short answer! We met up at my favorite coffee house, as I've mentioned in the past called Open Doors Coffee House and worked on the details and set the date for the session.

open doors coffee house- johnson city tn- portrait- candid


She and I both share a passion with nature and with the Appalachian Trail, so what better place to hang out and put my Fuji threw its paces? We agreed to meet and ride up to Dennis Cove where we jumped on the upper trail head to Laurel Falls. We took our time, laughed, swapped stories, and drug our Chaco's threw the mug. It was AWESOME!


hiking- laurel falls- hampton tn- AT

I probably made the mistake of not starting as early as needed because after our hike, we headed off the mountain and were chasing the sun as it was setting trying to grab as many rays as we could for our project. I have driven the road many times and have always wanted to take a portrait at one of the corners ,but its a windy and busy road so I have never had the chance. That is until we came upon the "Spot" and she was a great sport and trusted me to jump out, Chinese fire drill style almost, slap on the hazard lights and get the shot I wanted.

Here is Katy, braving the traffic but if memory serves correctly it was more like battling the sharp edge of that guardrail! LOL

Here is Katy, braving the traffic but if memory serves correctly it was more like battling the sharp edge of that guardrail! LOL

Ok, Ill stop trying to write further and leave you with a few lasting images that hopefully not only captures Katy as I know her but as she also see's herself. That is often times the most important shot you ever take. One that might instill confidence or rekindle a passion for something forgotten about ourselves! 


Laurel Falls - Hampton - Adventure Photographer - outdoor lifestyle photography
Cameras where out and firing all afternoon!

Cameras where out and firing all afternoon!

sunset- watauga lake- hampton tn- east tn- lakelife
portrait photographer - intimate portraits - getoutside

Adventure Therapy

It is better to travel well than to arrive
— Buddha

I am happy to say that I am sitting down to write this entry as Matisyahu is filling the air and Atlas dances around the living room! He has been a little sick for the last 2 days and I would be lying if I didn't admit that I miss having him home with me during the day and Ive soaked up as much time with him as I could.  I hope you can find time to dance today to a song that has meaning, not just a great beat, but man I do love a great beat! ( Rosa Parks-Outcast or Shake Yo Head- Busta Rhymes just for examples lol )

soho- south holston -adventure photographer - flowers

Ok the real reason for this post! Today is a big day for me because I get to photograph one of my favorite photographers. She and I have very similar callings to nature and adventure and I am truly excited to see what we can create together. Its rained all day here and is supposed to move out before our session, but if you know me well you know I don't mind the rain. Not At All. I hope she and I can tap into nature for the beauty it offers and the untold stories it keeps hidden in the leaves, dirt, rocks and droplets of water upon its surface. Dear Appalachian Trail, here we come!

We will take our time and approach every shot with the attention and patience it deserves. As a mirrorless shooter, and Fujifilm X series fan boy, I don't shoot as many images as most but every shoot is unique and the results should be as well. I have been working today on some personal preset development and cant wait to see how I can make those work to fit the day.  Well its time to load up the Sequioa aka Valak, and run some errands to ensure all goes as planned.  

valak - sequioa - wolfpack overland - east tennessee

What are you shooting today, and if you were 100% honest with yourself what Would you be shooting today if you could choose? I can honestly say, today is what I do. Its where I merge my love for people, nature, the Appalachian Trail, and pushing buttons all in one artistic cocktail! 

Holston River- soho -fog on the water - bridge

We are live!


I have been testing this new site for about a week and think its truly a good fit for my style and how I want to be presented! So this is a simple post to just to announce the fact that Squarespace is the best option for me as I have rebranded and started a new step in my work. Its simple but effective all in one place. I have also changed my my Instagram name to @jeremy.gouge and my Twitter is @jeremy_gouge

I hope that with my new approach to my work, my new Fuji equipment and some free time on my hands that I will only continue to push and grow. I am gearing up for a trip out of town with my family this weekend and Im sure I will have photos to follow!

I also have some day trips planned and cant wait to get out and see what I can find and share with anyone wanting to tag along the way!

east tennesse- unaka mountain- wolfpack overland- sequioa- sunset- explore

One foot after the other

buffalo mountain - johnson city tennessee - hiking - east tn - overlooks

If you live in or visit our lovely city of Johnson City, Tennessee and love to hike then keep reading! Buffalo Mountain is close to ETSU and just off the interstate so that makes it easily accessible to anyone passing by. Its a fairly easy trek with gradual climbs and descents  with views spread out along the way. A few stream crossings to break up the single track and you will probably be accompanied by the songs of nature. Bees and birds singing their tunes to sweeting the journey! 

I have hiked most of the Mountain and it has never disappointed. Two of my absolute favorite hobbies are hiking and photography, so today I combined the two again. If you follow me then you know this isn't uncommon and if I'm honest it's when I like my work the most! Hint, lets take your pictures somewhere special!  I am keeping this one short but this was just what I needed to clear my head, focus my chi, and have a conversation with the Lord! It all came together beautifully and reminds me just how big this life can be. I want more than anything to travel, photograph the world and the people in it! Enjoy



Sunday Senior Portraits

I love shooting senior portraits and not everyone does. I think part of that for me is, this age in a young adults life is a milestone, and its also when they are coming into themselves. You can see their personality come to life and with proper prompting they will open up and then the experience is truly special. I often kick the parents out, even if its just for a few minutes to try and connect with the model/ subject. I like to take our time and on my last session Sunday , we did that a little too well. My usual 2 hour session, turned into more than 3 and lots and lots of driving. 

I have known Jaelyn for about 10 years now and it was a true privilege to take her senior portraits. She is my wife's cousin, therefore she is my family as well now. If you know me at all, I truly enjoy people, and Jaelyn is someone special. 

We started the day at her school gearing up for her volleyball portraits. This was fun for me as I have never shot anything related to volleyball before, and I like a challenge! After we shot in the gym and had everything put away, we moved on to the great outdoors! The beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway to be more specific. I should say that I took a few hours prior to the session to explore and try to find the location we needed. The images below are from said scouting.

One of the quotes located near the parking lot and trail head at Linville Falls, NC

One of the quotes located near the parking lot and trail head at Linville Falls, NC

Ok, now that you know how I spent the day before I met up with Jaelyn for our session I will dive back into the heart of this post. Before the session, I only knew that she wanted some in her volleyball uniform and some in a field. Before it was all said and done we had shot in 5 different locations, but I hope from the images below you get a sense of how the day went.. it went great! It was the first session where I used the Fuji X-Pro 2 and I couldn't be happier! Hope the images are pleasing and represent my style. 


There is something very free spirited about these images and the lady they capture. I hope she can always be as kind and amazing as she is today! I can only imagine the greatness ahead of her and pray that she reaches every goal she sets in place for herself!

What a week!

This week has been busy, hectic, and exciting all at the same time. It was the first full week of owning my new to me Fuji Xpro 2 and as I have said before, its my all time favorite camera. I have owned a few Canon bodies, Sony a7ii, Olympus m4/3 bodies, and some point and shoots too and this one sits on top of them all to me. I also own the XT-1 for those days I want the battery grip. Ok enough about cameras.. lets talk about the events of the week shall we?


Who can start the day without great coffee? Not this guy and I love everything about Open Door Coffee House in Johnson City.

Who can start the day without great coffee? Not this guy and I love everything about Open Door Coffee House in Johnson City.

sticky bun - roasted pecans - nomnom - foody


Maybe I indulged in a sticky bun while I waited lol. 

I was very excited to be at the coffee house but even more so for the reason I was there. My friend and fellow photographer Katy Sergent and I were getting together to talk about her website, portraits, and future plans. Katy and I met through our local chapter of The Rising Tide Society called, Tuesdays Together and I knew immediately she was awesome. Maybe it was her Chaco's?  She had mentioned allowing me ( not her words lol ) to take portraits of her for her website, and I can not wait to do just that. Is the pressure high to work with someone you respect and who shares many of the passions that you do? NOPE.. no pressure at all. ha! Speaking of portraits of Katy, I snapped this as she walked in and I was scarfing my breakfast down. 

She may kill me for posting this but it had to happen. 

She may kill me for posting this but it had to happen. 

All of the above was just on Monday and that is a great start to my week, but then on Tuesday Atlas had his orientation for Kindergarten. What? Already?  These are the thoughts that raced in my head. It doesn't seem like he is old enough yet -- he was just little yesterday or at least it feels that way. He was so excited! We got to see his class room and meet his teacher for the first time. He even met a few of his upcoming class mates. 
Onto Wednesday: his official first day of school! What a rollercoaster this was for us as we walked him to class. He was so pumped that he didn't care whether we were there and for that, I am grateful. Its a blessing that he is excited about his journey. Austin also started his Junior year on the same day but he was less excited as you can imagine -- early mornings are not his favorites.  Jaryn slept through all the excitement because he doesn't start back for 2 more weeks- slacker.


atlas- kindergarten - first day - growing up
backpack- atlasridge - fearless


Jaryn asked that he and I spend some time on our bikes so we loaded them up and headed to Winged Deer Park to ride the trails for some much needed 2 wheel action. I forgot how much I love riding and tackling single track! I am going to have to make this a regular hobby again. We rode up until it was time to pick up Atlas from school and start the weekend! We celebrated his achievement with swimming and trips to Memaw's where we went fishing and there we got caught in a massive rain storm. As I carried Atlas and the rain pounded all 4 of us, his laughter took over -- I was trying not to fall and die while running, and I was reminded by those giggles that these moments are the most important part of this life. The mistakes, the laughter, and getting caught in the rain with my family are indescribably perfect. We came in, dried off and  ate until we could barely stand. When it was time to leave, Atlas asked if we could take an adventure on the way home- he gets it honest- so Austin, Jaryn, Atlas, and I took off in Valak ( our beloved Sequioa) and headed off across Dennis Cove. We drove the gravel rode at sunset and laughed, joked, and took photos along the way. Ill drop those in below to end this post. 

Then as if the week wasn't packed with Firsts and new adventures this happened!


atlas- first tooth - tooth fairy


The week started off with friends, and ended with family. What else could I ask for? I hope if you're reading this, that your week was great; but more than that, I hope you find time to play in the rain too! 

dennis cove- sunset- east tennessee mountains - appalachian trail - roan mountain
bw- fog in the trees - getoutside -adventurealliance
fog- rollling in - east tn- explore -roan mountain
hampton tn- sunset - easttn- xpro2- landscape

Re branding and stuff

Droplets-east Tennessee - Appalachian Mountains

Droplets-east Tennessee - Appalachian Mountains

This post is going to be pretty boring, but it has to be said. As a photographer or any business really, its vital to stay current and fresh especially in todays social media ocean we are trying desperately to tread water in. 

Ok that was a bit dark and ominous but that's pretty much how it feels to start a new site, a new brand and pursue clients that you dream of. Clients that share your passion and trust. I have recently decided to do just that. Scrap my Wordpress blog, Scrap my old website, and as a Phoenix, rise from the ashes. ( What is happening to me and all these metaphors tonight? ) The only thing I'm refusing to part with is my logo because I still love it  as a representation of my photography. 


I ask you to be patient as I put all of my efforts in my newest work, designing something I am truly proud of, and at the same time being a Dad. I truly love being a father and even though the boys remind me often how much I need the Lord to be a decent one, I wouldn't trade it for all the riches in the world.  

I am also looking to work with a bride, or anyone really with a bridal dress to use for a styled shoot soon. If you are, or know of anyone interested please have them contact me via my contact page on here!

Enough stalling and I have to get back to the grind. The fall is shaping up to be incredibly busy so if you are looking to work with me, you should get in touch sooner than later!


Fuji Love

I have written about this some in the past on my previous blog but as I use the FujiFilm system more, I love it more. Is it perfect, well no, but its perfect for me and my need! It feels like home in my hand and I find comfort in that. I find myself wanting a camera with me at all time for no exact reason but the un-forseen and un-predictable moments we call Life. 

Photo Credit goes to my friend Haniel Singh

Photo Credit goes to my friend Haniel Singh

Its a pleasing camera to see, to use and to own. The image quality is amazing from the newest sensor but I refuse to get into the tech specs. I just want to say I am finally at piece with my equipment minus one lens, and a few flashes.. That is a great feeling! The moments I have captured in the short time with the Xpro-2 ( which I need to name I think ) have been nothing short of magical. As a parent, taking images of my children for myself, nothing is more rewarding. 

Atlas modeling for me in Target, because I always have a camera with me now!

Atlas modeling for me in Target, because I always have a camera with me now!

If you have followed any of my blog posts in the past week,  you have seen these images already but as Im transitioning to my new site I can't help but write about this amazing camera once more. What better way to start my new blog than talking about my newest camera?

As the sun was setting for the day we spent in Asheville and my love for basketball collide!

As the sun was setting for the day we spent in Asheville and my love for basketball collide!