Asheville, NC with Throat Punch Pros and a Throat Tattoo

City Porn

 As always every adventure starts with planning, but when Wes and I are involved, planning is an afterthought. We are currently Asheville bound to hang out, take some photos, let the video roll, and create new content. We will do this all while our contest is running over on Facebook that you should be checking out already.  We have big plans and the days we can get together and combine our efforts it truly shows whats coming. It's reassuring that we are so like-minded and hungry for more than we have. We are gonna hit up Asheville, fill our guts and hopefully find some interesting shit to shoot. Food first though. Maybe Farm Burger? Maybe The Vault on Rankin? Why cant Biscuit Head be open?? The horror. Well, we just had small heart attacks as Wes' BMW started acting like it hated us.. all is well though. Onward! For the record, we definitely had Farm Burger and it never disappoints. 
By the time you will have read this, there should have been plenty of shenanigans and nonsense and photos to prove it. The sun will be setting on us soon, but Throat Punch Pros are not afraid of what lies in the dark. We live for it! Matter of fact we spent a lot of time in the shadows and watching as the light leaked into the viewfinders of our always in hand Fuji Series cameras. 
I write about Asheville often, and since Wes is driving I was attempting to write but its time to do what I do. camera 30.

Side note, I am not specifying who took what photos below. I did edit them all but that is all you get! We just ran our first contest over on our Throat Punch Productions Facebook page HERE and have a new one coming soon. Go check us out, and follow our IG HERE. Like Comment and check out the video on Youtube.


Now it's 9:30 pm, we are on 26 driving into the endless rain that somehow we were lucky enough to avoid the entire time we were over the mountain. We shot video and still almost every minute we stepped foot out of the car and no regrets. Too many images never equal a bad day in my world. The rain is dancing on the 5 series windshield and my keys type in sync as the radio plays our outro headed into the dark leaving Asheville lights in the rearview. We will definitely be back soon and maybe with a plan this time, but probably now. -TPx2

Yes you want a professional! EVERYTIME

Self Reflection for this lovely lady

I am still new to vlogging and hope that each shows improvement along the way. If I'm honest I don't particularly enjoy doing them, but if only one person finds them helpful, entertaining or insightful then its worth the effort. I am still very uncomfortable in front of my camera and I can see the benefits of that. I hope it helps me relate to those who do it so much better than myself but also help me relate to my clients who I ask to be themselves in front of my camera. I say that to announce that going forward I am going to try a few things different, one of which is to be more genuine regardless of whose feathers I ruffle. Heck, maybe that will even help my views LOL. This video touches on how I have learned the value of what I do for a living, to other. How my capturing your moments is so much more than a few pictures to look back on some time. I strive to record your life with those you adore, and of yourself. I do not have near enough people shooting for themselves in my opinion. I had an engagement session this past weekend in Chilhowie, Va and it was the first time we ever met. This is always exciting to meet new people, and hear how they met and the try and capture the love story which is so genuinely there own. We were talking about whether the groom to be should tuck his shirt in or not and when they asked my advice I was quick to say " I want you to be yourself and the as comfortable as possible." He decided that untucked was the way, and when I explained that I was there to tell their story not to write it for them, that I had a moment of clarity. At that moment I realized that is exactly what my goal is in every situation, at every session, and for every wedding, I'm blessed to record. This is a reason you should hire a professional. Anyone can show up and push the button when asked. A professional will be early to learn the location, it's lighting, the best options for your time together and work with you to create something special. This is not a stab at the newcomer or what has quickly been dubbed the "soccer moms with cameras" and for the record, this means soccer dads too but the men are far outnumbered in my opinion. We all start somewhere but the proper way to do that is to assist and second shoot for others, not just hope for the best and as the client, you shouldn't be ok with that either. You should KNOW going in that there is nothing left to chance, this doesn't mean that "shit doesn't hit the fan" and things go wrong. Cameras can malfunction and memory cards can fail but hopefully, this will be something your photographer is prepared for as much as one can be. Life is so short, trust your memories to someone who cares about them as much as yourself. I care about my clients, their thoughts, opinions, emotions, and expectations. If you are reading this and have never worked with me, I guarantee it will be a positive experience. I'm going to lead you when you needed, encourage your face off, and cut up every chance I get! So without further delay, here's my latest video. I apologize if the audio is off. I shot this one on my phone instead of mv Fuji Xpro2. Please like, comment and let me know how you agree, disagree and I would be open to some hard feedback as well. I'm tough enough to take it.