Last shoot of 2018

#sunrise #wataugalake #later2018

Well its been a few months since I have made the time to come and write and while I want to say something poetic, like this is the year for more of this or that, I prefer to stay quite and grind. I was lucky enough that my great friend John was in town over the weekend, although not for a good reason, but we took the advantage to get together. John has grown an interest in photography which is awesome for me, because he’s one more person I can talk shop with now. He asked if I would be interested in getting up early on his last day in Johnson City and catch sunrise with him and our cameras. Long story short, Atlas and I woke at 5 am and headed out to get John. We decided to try to find a spot on Watauga Lake in Hampton. I chose this spot hoping to give us the view we needed. It was a cold start but a beautiful morning was awaking before us.

Before the break of day, we spent some time in the dark, watching the waves of the lake crash over the parking lot as water was extremely high. I was happy to find this street light to use to paint the scene before the sky was turned to fire! Sunrise is always such a peaceful and magical moment. It can be such a powerful moment if you allow it to be and surrender to what your gifted. No devices, no distractions. Only patience and acceptance. You clearly know by now that the camera’s were out but when you are not distracted by the settings and menus because you are accustom to where everything is, this allows you to be more present than ever before.

s always, I will end this with more and more photos. I also want to let everyone know that the Youtube channel is about to get an edition. A challenge to start off the new year! A huge thank you to everyone who followed along last year and to “Tater” aka John for being so supportive and just around great example to society. If your on IG check him out @thebearded_mover