My favorite locations for adventurous couples!

Adventure:  an exciting or remarkable experience

I have recently spent some time trying to decide who I should be marketing too. I want to make an impact in those I work with but I also want to create memories with them and not only capture them. What I mean by this is, imagine your dream vacation: Do you have it pictured? Ok, now imagine that your in your perfect place, and somehow while enjoying everything around you, you have the capacity to capture that feeling. Not only what you see, but how your seen in this amazing setting. This is my goal. I want to plan and execute adventures with my clients and friends that fully explore our world and our limits. No one ever climbed to the top just to turn and go back down without at least marveling in the view, the accomplishment, or the experience.. lets have more of those.. more experiences, more adventure...together.

I am going to compile my top 3 places in East Tennessee to visit and create in. These are places that I want to take more clients too, book more clients who want to create images worthy of printing huge and telling stories about for years to come. 

Carvers Gap overlooking the Rhododendron Gardens

Carvers Gap overlooking the Rhododendron Gardens

1). Carvers Gap, Roan Mountain TN-

This is my favorite place by far to visit, shoot, and hike with my family. We have shared many adventures here and plan to create many many more, but there are still so many amazing photo opportunities here that I am yet to capture for others. Ive taken many images for myself but I need YOU to help make those images something special! The hike both directions from the parking area can lend to some amazing places to capture your portraits but be warned it has its tough sections but believe me when I say, its worth every step. 


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2) The Beauty Spot, Erwin TN-

I chose this spot for several reasons. It has panoramic views of the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, both in TN and NC. Its a very easy hike up for those wanting an adventure without all of the work sometimes associated with these views. It also, just like Carvers Gap, is home to the famous Appalachian Trail. From here there are also less populated locations where we would have the world to ourselves. 

I didn't add a photo of the falls here intentionally. Lets take this one together!

3) Laurel Falls, Hampton TN-

This last one was a little harder to choose. I selected it for the fact that it has one of the most beautiful waterfalls within short driving distances. This hike can range from moderate, to hard depending on the path you choose but all of them lead to the stairs of doom lol. The staircase made of rocks, and roots leading down to the falls is steep, and long. This is unavoidable so make sure you leave yourself ample time to make the walk in and out, but more importantly to enjoy this incredible view! Ive had the pleasure of taking some images of my good friend Katy Sergent here and invite you to join me sometime as well!


This is a short list of my favorites in East Tn, but below Im making a list of places you should consider visiting and these range from Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina.

Grand Father Mountain, Linville Falls, Mount Mitchell, Cataloochee, Elk Falls, Hickory Nut Falls, The Devils Bathtub, The Channels Trail, White Rocks and Sand Cave, The Blue Hole, The Gorge, Bays Mountain, Buffalo Mountain, Jacobs Trail, and so on and so on.. If you would like more info on these places or would like to discuss booking your session in one of them, please go to my Contact me page, fill out the form and lets find Adventure together!


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