Later Bernie Mac, hello James Bond!

I have been an avid MacBook Pro user for over a decade now, and other than a few hick-ups I have loved them being my solitary system.  I have replaced hard drives and kept on working, but recently even after the hard drive update, I was missing something. I would pair it up with a 20in Samsung external monitor and just blast away in Lightroom and Photoshop. After it started slowing down, I started shopping around. I should admit that I become very manic when its time to purchase new equipment. Whether that be camera equipment, laptops, hard drives,  or cars even. I loose sleep mulling over the options until I finally pull the trigger. Last weekend I had a rare few hours alone, so I decided to take what I've read and went to Best Buy to ask some questions. After even more debating, maybe some swearing, and with the help of an awesome guy names Roy, I walked out with a new laptop! Exciting right?

I was convinced to pick up a new 2 in 1 Asus q325, and I knew I was going to really like it the second it turned on and almost instantly booted to the home screen. Lightning fast start up. So I started downloading the programs I need and set upmy email accounts. So basically a few hours of making it mine! I spent a late night checking it out and putting it through my work flow and then called it a night. I got up the next morning and after a great service at Church, came home to dive back in and , DEAD! The touch screen function had completely stopped working. COME ON!!!  So I was forced to return it and then I decided to try a different one as I had some bad luck with the first one. Long story short, I had the 2nd one for about 4 days and decided that it couldn't hang either.

At this point I am really wondering if switching to a PC was the correct choice but I am also very much enjoying the 2 in 1 system and editing directly on my images. This was one of my biggest concerns of switching, not liking working this way. News Flash: its lots of fun!

So I am happy to say, as of writing this, I am now the happy owner of a HP X360 2 in 1 system running 16g of Ram and a 512gb SSD and its great. I actually like the user experience of the HP pen over the Bamboo pen that I was using with the other 2 systems. The battery life is amazing , and its also my favorite system to write on. The track pad is ok but if your looking to try one, I can honestly say this thing is great, as long as it stays that way! I haven't edited a full session on it yet but so far its been great, but I did edit a session I shot last week on a 2 in 1 system and being this portable and productive is exactly what I needed! Ill drop a few of those shots below! Feel free to comment and let me know if you have any questions about my switch and let me know what you think about the images below!

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One of the many portraits I've taken of late but also one of my favorites. The color, the everything!

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So if you have hung around to now, I should explain the title of this blog. I name most of my possessions so my Mac became Bernie Mac, and although I haven't named the HP technically, its called Spectre which makes me thing of James Bond lol.  It is also a beautiful machine in silver and chrome accents, which seems classy as well.. thanks as always for reading and Ill be writing again soon with more about the session I am previewing above.